About Us

Rising Nepal Youth ClubRising Nepal social service club is a non-trading, not-profit making social organization, registered under the Nepal government and affiliated with social welfare association Nepal. It is established in 2006 A.D.(2063 B.S.) to promote health, education and economic condition of the local people improving their skill, participating them to the development and through their empowerment. Its main targeted area lies at base of Ganesh Himal in the north west from kathmandu on the borderland of Tibet, China. It is one of the isolated areas which takes 3 days walking from district headquarter, Dhading.

People, here are under poverty, struggling to live their lives. The main source of income of Peoples is farming. Due to lack of education they are doing traditional farming which returns non monetary income i.e. grain in very low amount that often not enough to feed their family. So, they need some training and education to promote their farming. To provide training for them is our one of the objectives.

The Government offices are only physically existing at the community but not full staff are working and providing services to the local people. So, need of establishment of the local non government organization to reactivate them and improve local people’s status is very important. So, RNYC’s objective is to improve health, education, economic status of local peoples.

Though, there is health post, at each village development community but that is not sufficient to provide service for the people due to geographical problem and high population health center ratio. So, provide health service to their home environment through outreach clinic, mobile camp and home service is important. The important role is being provided mobile camp at needy location where peoples are not access to get health services at Government health center.

Though there are a lot of schools physically (presented) established and running at local area but not enough in terms of number and qualification of teachers. Due to remote area with low opportunity for teacher and geographically hard to get there, qualified teachers are not working.

SO, our organization facilitated the teacher appreciating them with helping some amount of money through increasing salary rate and fulfilling the number of teachers as required for the school