Our Misson


               Without carrying mission or aim walking is never can success in our life. So, we have so far so good missions and our team is united, active social workers. We always want to work for remote areas where hasn’t approached infrastructure of develop by Government. We do work according to our execution. The points are our major objects and we give first priority to them. Then, in case become some critical events anywhere in country we are ready to get there and help them.

  • Give priority to education in remote area people.
  • Give scholarship to poorest child who are very willing to study.
  • Make healthy to all of villager.
  • Take many kind of health camp.
  • Do Awareness schooling program in superstition trusted area.
  • Make irrigation system and schooling newly cultivate system and provide new seeds to new product.
  • Provide clean drinking water.
  • Do sanitation program.
  • Make toilet and keep clean environment.
  • Do plantation.
  • Immediately repair where landslide washed the trails.
  • Immediately replace wooden bridge incase washed by river.
  • Approach communication in remote village.
  • Play always vital role to develop remote areas.