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Greeting from president …!!!

                 I am Jay Gurung from remote village Sertung 4, Dhading president of Rising Neppresident jay gurungal Youth Club. I had been active member of RNYC since established the organization on 2006 AD. Then, our entire team appointed me for 5 years very responsible post in vice-president. I felt extremely proud and I did fine work as I could in social service. Again, our entire team has appointed me in main leading role as head of RNYC organization since 1st of January 2015.

Well, I was born in remote village and spent my adult there and then have been staying in capital of Nepal. I have found vast different in city and remote area lifestyle. So, remote area still haven’t approached infrastructure of development. So that, I want to commit that; we have so far and very important missions & vision. I want to work staying inside the boundary line according to execution of RNYC organization. It is non profit social service organization. I have been working since established the RNYC. I have taken vast experienced definitely it helps me to continue work. We have great team and unity is very strong. I believe that. I do humble request to entire team we have to feel proud and be responsible. We need to be unity, must work hard and together then success our goals.

It is my recent aims and want to work with in remote villages; to make educated to all, to stay healthy to all, get clean drinking water to all, to make toilet each houses, to spray out awareness program to remote village, immediately repair landslide washed trails or wooden bridges, scholarship to willing but very poor child, easy access trail, sanitation program, plantation program and communication etc.

I like to work in social service until I die and I love RNYC because we gave birth and through RNYC want to work in most of the remote villages forever. I have got much responsible now. Thanking for giving me opportunity to lead RNYC. Of course, I want to try my best social service through this organization to remote villages.




CONTACT NO: +977 – 9808287832


Treasure of the RNYC

Simbir Ghale

You are heartily welcome to our organization team profile; my name is Simbir Ghale from newly openAbout Team Leadered trekking part of ruby valley which is base of Ganesh Himal Sertung 4 Dhading.

I am government authorized first aid trained trekking guide working from Nepal wilderness treks out of work I really like to help poor peoples and really want to promotion rural part of Nepal that’s way I am actively giving my time for my organization since established as a member and now from 2015 1st of the January i am selected for treasure post and happy to handling treasure of the RNYC,  also After 7.8 rector scale mega earthquake in Nepal 25 April 2015, and continues shock again 12 May 2015,  7.3 magnitude earthquake killed more than eight thousand peoples and injured thousands, after that powerful earthquake in Nepal 30 % building are totally destroyed 60% building are cracked and just reminding 10% are still ok, if any organization or individual people want to help directly for earthquake victims in Nepal than do not hesitate to contact with our organization, you can help any things not only money like a rebuilding materials, clothing’s for earthquake victims, school materials for student and medicine too.

We are hoping to see helping hands and smile to see poor and earthquake victim’s people’s faces.  Thank you for visiting our organization site and my profile, further more if you are around us contact at 9841146306,