Pass Activities


Health Program

RNSSC has always been  providing healthcare services to rpomote health status of the community. It has been conducting following programs.

It has been doing Public area sanitation frequently every  month  mobilizing active woman group. It has provided dustbin to every school of targeted area to control sanitation program of the school.

Free medical service:-
Free health checkup, free medicine distribution, free counseling about concerning medical problem and free medical camps are the program of RNSSC.

RNSSC is going to establish first aid center in the rural communities where government and other organizations healthcare services are not accessed. This program will benifit many rural poors mainly around 4000 rural peoples.

Educational program

Schoarship program:

People in that area are very poor and they can not afford for the education. Thus, RNSSC is providing scholarship to the poor and intelligent students.

Orphanage program 

When a child is isolated from his/her parents, he/she needs help of others. RNNSC is providing essensial help to the orphan children in the remote area.

Materials and infrastructure for the school

RNSSC is providing educational materials such as book, pencil, copy, ball ect.  in the local schools so that quality of education can be uplifted.                           

Training and quality teacher for the quality education

RNSSC is providing quality teachers to the schools where teachers are not enough. Different training programs for the teacher is conducted to promote quality education.       

Economic Growth  and other related program

People in that area depend on traditional farming which returns no monetary income and even not enough food. To uplift their life status they need farming training and related awareness as well as income generation activities.

Plantation: –

main aim of the plantation program is to  Prevent deforestation, soil erosion and landslide. which may improve fertilization of land  and promote farmers income through good harvest.


To interact with surrounding villagers and to aware to the sport RNSSC has been Organizing  volley ball tournament frequently twice a year  in the community.

Public awareness program through street drama:-

RNSSC Organize street drama frequently to develop  awareness about different subject matter to the local people.

Concert: –

To devolve and promote local skillful peoples skill such as singer, dancer performance of the local people.

Survey of problem/public requirement: – 

Completed survey of tap and toilet 15-06-2009 with the head of Tej gurung with subordinates Harka Gurung, Chandra Gurung and Min gurung to find sanitation problem and peoples requirement of the local area.

Photo: Chairman Mr. purna Bahadur Gurung providing Dustbin to School Headmaster

Health provider providing providing free medicine at outreach camp

Community people, Teachers , Community leaders attending awareness program